Anna Gulak






Master of Arts    Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 2009   painting   graphics   sculpture (medals and monumental sculpture)   interior design, design (including furniture design)   issues of art in architecture

2002 Prize awarded for the results of the studies by the Senate of the Academy of Fine Arts at the Warsaw Festival of Artistic Academies;

2003  Scholarship at the renowned Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy;

2002/2003 Design and execution at the request of the Holy See (the first Polish woman artist in the history of the Vatican) a papal medal to commemorate the 100th pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II during the 25th Year Jubilee Anniversary of the His Pontificate. Copies of this medal, made by the State of the Vatican, were given personally by the Holy Father to various authorities and important people.

2003-2004 Exposure of the Papal Medal, at the initiative of the Polish National Museum, at the Gallery of the Palace of the President of the Republic of Poland;

2004 At the request of the State Mint of Poland, produced a cycle of graphic designs for an exclusive World Collection of 25 medals in silver and gold to be made by the Polish State Mint to commemorate significant events of the pontificate of John Paul II.

2004 Exposure of the Pontifical Medal at numismatic art exhibitions in: Warsaw (Historical Museum), Chicago (USA), Toronto and Montreal (Canada), and on permanent display or in the collections of various museums and numismatic collections worldwide including: The Vatican Museums, the National Museum in Warsaw (Poland), the Museum of the Polish State Mint in Warsaw, the Museum of Medals in Wroclaw (Poland) and Museum of The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw;

2003 "Studio 59" Exhibition; Action Gallery, Warsaw (exhibited spatial art works);

2004 Co-creator of the "Golden Thoughts of the Great People, Talent and Heart Polish Image Creators 2004" Commemorative Book;

2008 “Nude” Exhibition; Marquardt Gallery, Lodz;

2008 Siemens Competition Finalist’s Expo (exhibited paintings and drawings), Warsaw, Poland;

2009 “Diploma” Solo Exhibition; Czapski Palace, Warsaw, Poland;

2009 "Best  Diplomas 2009" Exhibition; Gdańsk, Poland;

2009 Awarded with Primate of Poland Order "Populoque Servitium Praestanti Ecclesiae"

2010 Design and execution at the request of the Holy See a papal medal for pope Benedict XVI;

2011 Solo Exhibition of graphics and sculpture; Rome, Italy;

2011 „Faces of Blessed John Paul II” Solo Exhibition; (Sculpture, Graphics) Aula Paolo VI,Vatican;

2012 „Impressions by Anna Gulak” Solo Exhibition; (abstract oil paintings); Westin Excelsior, Rome; Italy;

2012 Winner of the Pontifical Academies Award 2012 („Premio delle Pontificie Accademie”), nominated by the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts and Letters of the Virtuosi al Pantheon for achievements in Art and for spreading beauty and humanistic values in her works.

2013 “Meditazioni e Testimonianza” Solo Exhibition (Painting, Sculpture); Museo San Fermo, Verona, Italy;

2013 Solo Exhibition of Graphics and Sculpture; Isola della Scala, Italy;

2013 Solo Exhibition of Graphics and Sculpture; Verona, Italy;

2014 Solo Exhibition "I Volti di San Giovanni Paolo II e San Giovanni XXIII" (Sculpture and Graphics); Vatican, Italy;

2014 Expo "I Volti di San Giovanni Paolo II e San Giovanni XXIII" on the streets and places of historical Rome, Italy;

2014 Unveiling ceremony of the monumental bust of JPII at the Palace of the Vicariate of Rome; San Giovanni in Laterano, Rome, Ital;y

2014 Solo Exhibition of Sculpture and Graphics; Basilica Cateriniana, Sienna, Italy;

2014/2015 Solo Exhibition of Sculpture and Graphics; Bassano del Grappa, Italy;

2015 „Impressions II by Anna Gulak” Solo Exhibition; (abstract oil paintings); Westin Excelsior, Rome; Italy;

2015-2016 Expo "Journeying with Saint John Paul II towards the Jubilee of Mercy"; Leonardo da Vinci Airport-Fiumicino, Rome, Italy;


Knowledge of Languages:
English and French - excellent (translator of the lessons for the course in the History of the Polish School of Poster at the American Miami Ad School).
Italian - very good

Singing; Sports - dance (ballet, modern dance, folk dance), skiing, tennis, figure skating (trained during the years 1988-1994 in the U.S. and Canada); travel and movies.