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“Lyrical abstraction and realistic portraiture coexist in Gulak’s productions. Acknowledging the trends of contemporary artistic culture, she transforms them via the reinterpretation of forms, typologies and classical iconography.

Her art is designed to combine the complex necessities of the contemporary with a language which aims to encourage a revival of an ideal of beauty in its own semantic component. An ideal which is not an end in itself, but is inspired by the primordial idea of “beauty”, arisen from the act which first formed this concept by giving it substance, the act of Creation, which every artist implicitly tries to recreate in a highly mimetic way (…). These two different components of Gulak’s art make of her an absolutely original voice in the panorama of contemporary art.”

Maria Carolina Campone
Lecturer of contemporary art language history
Naples, Italy

Anna Gulak is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In addition to studies at its faculties of sculpture and painting, she also studied at the renowned Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and at the Warsaw Film School. Moreover she completed Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University with the title of Culture Manager. She is fluent in several languages.

She has already received numerous awards. As one of few global artists, she was awarded the prestigious Vatican Pontifical Academies Award 2012 ("Premio delle Pontificie Accademie") for which she was nominated by the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts and Letters of the Virtuosi al Pantheon in Rome, which is composed of outstanding Italian university professors and global personalities from the world of culture and science. She was selected from among 50 artists and architects throughout the world and was granted the award by Pope Benedict XVI for her outstanding achievements in art and for the promotion of aesthetics and humanistic values through her creativity.

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